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More input...more input...

Today we've released first update in 2015. Plan is to continue with same pace and determination as last year. Gemini can handle so much more :) . Check the changelog in more details on Steam announcements. 

Rest of us, meanwhile, are already tackling some greater future surprises...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Tuesday January 13, 2015

All hands, brace for 2015!

After releasing latest update and added a number of things for players to destroy, we're now preparing plans for the next year. Huge additions and new content will roll out, so it should be another very interesting and dynamic year. Before that, we've launched another sale on Steam - last one in 2014 with 50% discount. Hopefully we will get a number of new captains that will throw a lot of fresh ideas and new enthusiasm! 

And once again, massive gratitude to all community members that carried us through final stages of Early Access and into release. In the next year we promise to continue working as hard as possible to enhance your gaming experience!

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Saturday December 27, 2014

The Humble Contribution

Humble Indie Bundle celebrates 50 mil. $ raised for charity! We're happy to have finally played our part (in the final stretch no less!).

Don't miss the chance to grab this week's Iceberg Interactive Humble Bundle! (only 1 day remaining)

Update: The weekly bundle has run out and sold more than $250 000 worth of games of which a significant part went to charity. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Written by Kele on Wednesday December 17, 2014

Mod contest now closed

Today we have closed our contest for best mod idea for Starpoint Gemini 2. We got numerous interesting ideas including some rather unorthodox ones. By community reddit upvotes winner is wizzard85, and second selected winner is SilkSk1. Congratulations to them and many thanks to all other players that took part in this contest!

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Tuesday December 16, 2014

Biggest contest by LGM so far has been launched...

During last months we've seen that space gamers are very very creative and open minded. We'd love to step up your involvement even more, so we have organized a contest for additional mods to be added to main game. Judging by dozens of already community created mods and thousands of cool ideas - we know you are full of awesome stuff, and now you can organize it to entire self sufficient mod. We'll also get reactions from your fellow captains and determine what you think is the best idea to enrich the Gemini space!

All details and possible prizes you can find on this link:

Good Meep to you all commanders! 

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Monday December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving update ready for public

Fellow captains, new challenges await in updated Gemini universe! Check out what is new and enjoy your continuing travels in deep space...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Thursday November 27, 2014

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