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haha, nice to have more writers, gives me more time to write "book two" to mine, having trouble thinking through the whole plot.
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no worries Capt'n Ryou, I imagine you are busy with all the testing and bug hunting. You just take all the time you need, we can wait :-D

Neutrality Gone wrong PT.2

2 years prior

Yates pulled his pistol and shoved it in the man's face "Do you see this, its a custom DR-99 Plasma pistol, have some contacts with the Nyxian Consortium, they say it will take a mans head clean of his shoulders at close range., lets find out if they are right!"

The contact at the bar looked at the gun, then back at yates, then back at the gun. All this over 250 crates of black market weapons he had brought on straight from Mars Shipping. The contact and his two associates believed a previous price from another smuggler was going to work, they thought wrong. Yates had been promised a quarter million, which after fuel, and the money he had paid to sneak the guns out of Mars Shipping, left him with just enough to setup another deal to keep running cargo.

The mans associates had their weapons drawn and pointed at yates, if he was going to pull this off he would need them to back down before someones finger got twitchy.

"You need to tell both your boys to put their slug throwers away, when people point guns at me I get twitchy, my hands start to shake, and this gun is VERY delicate, might just go off by accident, you don't want that do you Mr.? No one in this bar wants your brain splatter all over them, in their drinks, do they?"

Before the Contact could agree there was movement, the two associates behind the soon to be headless Contact were down, a woman standing over both of them with her boot pressed in one of their necks, the arm of the other stretched back in a very uncomfortable position.

"I would give the man what he wants, your two boys here are just a little busy aren't you boys?"

The men on the floor made some sort of gurgling sound yates could only derive as yeses as the Contact slowly handed over the agreed upon credits in a nice black case. Yates smiled at the man and his new friend, and nodded at her that it was time to leave.

They jumped into the first open car that would take them to Yates's ship and rose to the departure level. The woman in the car with him was tall, maybe 5'10, 5'11, with long black hair and an athletic tone.

"Thanks for that, not too many people have your back on Tortuga, atleast none that I have ever met before." The woman smiled and showed Yates her dark brown eyes.

"In all my time running the lanes I've never heard of a "custom DR-99" before, I however have seen a replica of an old war pistol from the original Gemini wars, you know the cheap knock offs that fire the standard laser round but are only good two about four meters, you got some rocks Cap."

Yates smiled, he had hoped that the bar, and more importantly his three friends, hadn't taken notice to the fact that Yates had been using an antique, this girl however seemed a little smarter than the standard.

"Captain Yates." Yates held his hand out to the athletic young woman, "and you are?"

The woman smiled and took his hand in hers, "Angel, its a pleasure Captain."

As they arrived at Yates's rented dock they made their way quickly to Yates's Ship, Angel stopped briefly to look at the old Tungusta Class Freighter, "You came in that, you really do have a set on you don't you!"

Yates smiled again, he was beginning to like this woman......

present day, Kindred Explorer, Location Unknown....

Yates opened his eyes slowly, smoke filled the cockpit of the ship. His ears were ringing, Angel was above him, looking at him saying something, but he couldn't hear her. A small fire sparked from the Nav station and angel quickly grabbed a suppressor, putting it out before it could spread. Yates knew it would happen one day, he was in hell.
"Space is disease and danger, wrapped in cold and silence" - McCoy Enterprise.

Hell shared with a tall, athletic woman with long black hair, dark brown eyes and a name Angel.
Where is this Hell exactly?

..good, keep them coming, Stone_Loki!

(07-23-2014, 04:01 PM)longstar Wrote: Hell shared with a tall, athletic woman with long black hair, dark brown eyes and a name Angel.
Where is this Hell exactly?

..good, keep them coming, Stone_Loki!

The dynamic between Yates and Angel hasn't been fully fleshed out yet lol, needless to say at the moment they won't be taking long walks together in a holo program lol.
"Space is disease and danger, wrapped in cold and silence" - McCoy Enterprise.

Good job Stone_Loki ! I love these stories. We should make a contest for SPG3 one day. As I see, you guys could do a great storyline yourself Smile

Neutrality Gone wrong PT.3

The ringing in Yates's ears started to subside as Angel picked him up of the deck, his head was still spinning, the cockpit was still smoking, but they were alive.

"What happened Ang, last thing I remember we were about to transport the goods, next thing I know I wake up and your putting out fires, did they fire on us?"

Ang was still checking systems and talking back and forth to Yoyo, who apparently was in the middle of trying to keep them all alive.

"A group of Ranger's jumped in, the Syn ships opened fire on them immediately and us, they were ready for them."

Yates felt his head as he almost took a dive for the deck again, "What do you mean they were ready? You mean they expected the rangers, or expected us to double cross them?"

Angel hit the flight control panel infront of her, "Maybe both I'm not entirely sure, those rangers had trinity markings on them, I'm thinking local PD maybe, what in the hell were you carrying for the Syndicate Cap?"

Yates took a long deep breath, "Lets find out."

a few moments later, in the cargo hold of the Kindred Explorer....

"I'll be damned!" Yates's mouth was on the floor, Angel punched him in the arm and was looking at him like he was slime.

"I swear to the PTB Yates if you knew about this we are through me and Yoyo will get off at the first stop we make!"

Yates looked at the black case's, he looked at the bodies lying inside in cryo, "I swear Ang, it was a no ask questions contract, do not ask, do not inspect, it was a 50 million credit contract Ang."

Angel looked at him, looking at his eyes, his body language, no one had ever been able to peer inside his interior the way she could.

"I.....I believe you, but its a little late Cap, not only do we have the Syndicate looking for us, but I bet every credit I have saved back that those rangers have our profile, Ship ID, and will be after us just as hard."

Yates thought for a moment, Syndicate on one side, a police force on the other, only one thing to do. He walked over to the Comm panel and clicked the Engine room.

" Yoyo, what do you have?"

What almost sounded like a young childs voice responded, "We can limp El Capitan, no T-drive, no wormholes, no Jump gates, I can get us one half cruising speed."

Yates scratched his head, only one place they could go where neither group would expect, and they could change their profile and Ship ID while they were their.

"Yoyo, get us going, we are headed to Tortuga."
"Space is disease and danger, wrapped in cold and silence" - McCoy Enterprise.

#38 is hard to stay neutral if you work for dogs like the Syndicate. Yates seems to be in a thick sauce.

Neutrality Gone wrong PT.4

"Yes Captain Kor, we are reading the radiation leak from your drive system, you still need to broadcast proper ship IDC BEFORE you will be allowed to dock."

Yates killed the comms and clicked over to Engineering, "Yoyo, still waiting on that IDC, any day now would be nice."

Yates looked over at Ang as she worked on faking the radiation leak from the drive core. The plan at the moment was to show so much static that Tortuga couldn't read their real IDC, and then give them a forged IDC that showed them as a sympathetic supply transport.

Yates comm board blinked and he switched over, "Go ahead El Capitan, should be able to fool even your mother, if you ever had one."

Yates switched back to the other comm channel, "Tortuga docking control this is Captain Kor of the Mystic Sunrider, Transmitting ship ID and cargo manifest now."

Yates waited, hoping that the time Ang and Yoyo put into this crazy idea paid off, cause if it didn't they wouldn't have enough fuel or supplies to get them any where else.

"Tortuga docking master to Mystic are cleared for bay 9, get that radiation leak taken care of as soon as you land, you have a 27 hour pass, if you do not leave before than may the maker have mercy on you Tortuga out."

Yates took a deep breath and smiled at Ang, she didn't smile back. Ever since they had looked at their "Cargo" Ang had been given him the cold shoulder. Yates understood, it was the dumbest move he had ever made, but he didn't know what the cargo was, he hadn't known it was for the Syndicate, but every captain in Gem knew better than to take a no look no question job. He had gotten greedy, and this was his penalty for it.

minutes later, in the red lounge district........

"No I don't want rift dust, or Thorian weed, or any of that, I just want a Star Gem blaster in a cold mug!"

Yates watched the Bartender grumble at him as he poured his drink then the man walked away tending other customers. Ang was off scrounging for parts, Yoyo was working on the ship, and it was once again his job to see what info he could gather, while getting a cold drink of course.

Yates was taking another sip when the All Access Gemini new service came on the Holo screen above the bar, "Hey can you turn that up!"

The volume level increased as a tall blond was showing pictures of a recent conflict in space..." We do now have confirmed reports that Trinity Police forces have engaged a group of illegal Syndicate force's just inside Trinity space..." Yates took a deep breath holding the mug up to his face just a little higher.

"From what we have managed to piece together eight Ranger class Police cruisers had been indeed waiting for these 5 heavily modified Prowess destroyers owned and operated by this man, Oscar Watanabi, the so called Butcher of Calandor. Watanabi seen here in this rare Holo were he was murdering Civilians at the now famous port of Calandor."

Yates took a huge gulp of his drink and pointed at the Bartender for another.

"The only other unanswered question as of yet is the involvement of this ship, which has been identified as the Kindred Explorer under the command of this man, who has been identified as Captain Jack Yates, a freight hauler who has been previously question but never charged by the Trinity Police force, more to come on this story as it develops."

By the time the bartender walked over to refill the mug no one was waiting for him....
"Space is disease and danger, wrapped in cold and silence" - McCoy Enterprise.

Neutrality Gone wrong PT.5

"How much!?" Yates couldn't believe what Ang was telling him, it wasn't possible!

"The Trinity police has a 25 million credit bounty for any information that leads to an arrest, the Syndicate has an open bounty of 100 million credits dead or alive bounty, 200 million if the cargo is brought to them without any tampering."

Ang handed him the slip with the information posted on it. This was just another reminder of how his greed had gotten them into this mess.

"Yoyo, is the IDC and sensor scrambler in place?"

"Yes El Capitan, also I had them scrub the hull and repaint, we don't look anything like we used to."

yates took just a moment to think, they had two hours to launch before their docking permit went up in smoke, as long as their ship ID and covers weren't looked at too closely they could do some evasion for a while, but that didn't help anything in the long run.....the cargo they had, now that was a thought.

"Any idea who we are hauling around back there in the hold?"

Angel looked at Yoyo, then back at Yates, "Yes, but you aren't going to like it."

Angel went to the main computer and pulled up a video, "This is Senator Mckal on Trinity 6 months ago talking about using local security and military assets to get a tighter hold on traffic in the Trinity system. Now his speech here detailed a plan of action that would virtually stop most smuggling traffic from groups like the Syndicate."

Yates watched as Angel brought up another video, "This is Senator Mckal just a few weeks ago removing his plan of action, as he states the current system has had much more success and his plan to bring in local security and the military would only increase suspected traffic and would not be a reasonable use of the funds it would take for that kind of operation."

Yates shook his head, "Why show me this Ang? What does this have to do with our cargo?"

Ang smiled and brought up one of the cryo tubes they opened, "May I present Senator McKal of Trinity, and his tube shows he has been in there well over a month."

Yates couldn't help but laugh, not because it was funny, but because this just got better and better, "So your saying the replaced him with a fraud, some kind of clone or something?"

Ang shook her head, "No, I thought of that as well at first, but why keep him alive? No, that last scene with the Senator, it was fake, a hologram, see I checked parts of his speech, and the dialog seemed just a bit off, so I ran it through multi sampling of previous speeches he gave, they just cut and pasted previous dialog."

Yoyo piped in before Yates could say it, "Ransom, extortion, kidnapping, right up the Syndicates alley! They kidnap the official, then ransom them for what they want!."

Options and plans spun in Yates's head, the Syndicate knew they had them, but the Trinity police didn't, if they had then the bounty from them would be through the roof like the Syndicates was. Which means the Syndicate wanted them bad, really bad, who knew how many of those people.....the much pure ransom money were Yates, you got greedy and look what happened already, no, right now they needed a plan, not a greedy get rich quick scheme.

Yates smiled, "I have a plan!"
"Space is disease and danger, wrapped in cold and silence" - McCoy Enterprise.