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Starpoint Gemini 1 detailed Summary

good to hear. modeler said ti is too simple to him and wants a chance to remake it... I think it is cool and good enough landmark

I understand what he means tho. it appears to be a bit too smooth, if you know what I mean.
Wish he answered my thread about textures tho Big Grin

i'll remind him. He is currently changing entire asteroid fields you've mentioned (no textures)

oh, I'm useful at last!

Oh come on, you're more useful than you think! Not all changes are grand and visible, but you've reported a few incredible rare bugs that we might never found. Like today's for example - both programmers were on it the whole day, and they are continuing the chase tomorrow morning. Nasty bug indeed, we'll celebrate when it is fully squashed!

that is true unless I created the bugs..

Thanks a ton to PersonOne. I think I'll probably have to play it through now, sounds intricate.

(05-22-2014, 10:24 PM)Dark_Ansem Wrote: that is true unless I created the bugs..
Not sure, but the game is not suppose to create bugs, so even if you did that, it is still good find to us Smile

You should always rejoice when you find a bug in betas and report them, it means you've helped and that the final release will be even more stable. Every bug, glitch, leak I find I get excited and try to reproduce as many ways as possible, then send Oliver so much info on it I think he cries (tears of joy maybe, I hope).
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