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Hello guys!

Since some of you suggested we should make a dedicated thread for community created stories from Gemini universe, here it is!

From what we already saw, many of you have good talent and fantastic imagination, so if you're up to the challenge - just fire it up!

We'll be happy to read through your endeavours, and we're certain many other members will to! Smile

Shall we begin...?

Part One


Grand Fleet Admiral Jerekson entered the briefing room with his aide, a small man with an unassuming name, Michael Lorman. Jerekson didn't need the rest of his briefing staff, this was something only for his aide, a man hand picked by him for his unwavering support for the Empire and it's mission in Gemini. Michael was also sharp of mind and a strategist to be sure, for a civilian, he was something different. Jerekson would be sad when he had to kill him of course, being his aide, he heard too many secrets, and Jerekson simply couldn't take the chance of defecting to one of the Gemini factions. It was the sad fate of all of his aides, but each knew it when they took the job.

"Michael," Jerekson started, "have a seat at the other end of the briefing table, there's a few things I'd like to have your opinion on." Michael did as told and sat at the far end of the table, obedient, better than most soldiers. Jerekson sat at his customary spot and brought up the 3D map of Gemini. "Tell me Michael, what do you see?"

Michael stared at the map thoughtfully. There were was much going on. In the one region full war had broken out between Korkyra and Thauria, seems the the peace talks had failed again. In another region Trinity was having a dispute with the Lagarde Province, probably over the mining rights to asteroids and salvage rights to junkyards. Baeldor as always was isolated, it's many baronies staying within their own wall of protection while the Nexans continued work on some infernal contraption. "I see alot in fighting sir, our foes our not so united as we first thought coming here, and some seem content to watch it all play out."

Jerekson nodded approvingly. "Yes, I see much the same, and the outlaws simply don't care, they attack whatever they want, even themselves. Best of all, the League appears to have been decimated." This was Jerekson favorite part, the Gemini League, the force that drove them from the system in the first place. "They're now the Protectorate, but from what I can see, they're not even half their old strength."

"A quick strike against the Protectorate might be a wise idea sir, strike before the plasma cools as they say," Michael interjected. While maybe not the best option he knew, it was an enticing target.

Jerekson shook his head, "Sadly, we have our own 'infighting' to deal with. As much as I'd like to get the Protectorate gone, they are the least of our worries. Our wayward sons, the Directorate seem to think they can claim dominion over us now." Jerekson zoomed in the map on the old Districts surrounding the Starpoint, their stronghold here in Gemini. On it were several markers indicating clashes with their former colonists, the Directorate. "We have to make them them bend their knee to us Michael, we can't just kill them, we need them for the fight that's to come. We underestimated this area once, we don't do it again. There's too much at stake now."

Michael analyzed the map, could see the clashes and strikes. A small insurgency really, but one that the Grand Fleet Admiral was right about, it had to be stopped. "If I may suggest sir, the people of Gemini think of us as bloodthirsty and evil, perhaps even the Directorate. But what if we won them over with a new tactic?"

Jerekson arched his eyebrow, intrigued. "Go on."

"We'll start by taking out their resources first, gas collectors, mining facilities, but as we do, we take everyone on these stations prisoner." So far, things didn't sound too different from normal, taking and torturing prisoners was a fine art in the Empire. "But we'll treat these prisoners with respect. No torture, no deprivation, and we'll send them back to the Directorate unharmed." Michael let that sink in. "We play the psychological game sir, show them that we want them back, that we see them as our own and only want to bring them the glory that comes with being part of the Empire."

Jerekson was silent for a while. This was indeed something different from the usual tactics. Psychological games were an intrigue to the Empire, but brute force had always served it best. . .until the uprising anyways. "Hmm, that is indeed a plan Michael, one that goes completely against our normal ways." Jerekson stared at the map, slowly picking out where to start. "Do you think it will work? Can you say with all honesty that we can win them over like this?"

Michael smiled, it was never a pleasing sight, something about his face just made smiles seem sinister, "I'm positive sir. They are our own after all. We just need to remind them of that is all. Once they finally join us, we can then start thinking outwardly. While our foes fight and kill each other, we'll make allies."

Jerekson reached down for his Plasma Pistol, Michael noticed the action and didn't flinch. Turning off the 3D map Jerekson pointed the pistol straight at Michael's head. Michael knew this day would come of course, it was his lot, an aide to the strongest man in the Empire, even their so called ruler had no control over the Grand Fleet Admiral.

There were three sudden bright blasts, all Michael could see was brilliant light, but he could see. This wasn't death. The air around him was hot, almost to the point of burning his skin. When the light faded and he could see again, he saw Jerekson smiling over at him. Already being a good looking gentlemen with a honed body, the smile came off less sinister and more earnest.

"Grand Strategist Lorman, you are now commissioned into the ranks of the Imperial Navy under my direct command," Jerekson said. He finally found him, the perfect one, a man who could aide his conquests, and think differently from the others. Lorman might not have been the best example of humanity in looks, but his mind was sharp, and that's what mattered.

"Thank you sir, I won't disappoint you," Michael said bowing his head slightly.

Jerekson put his pistol back in its holster, "I'd like you to stay in here and start planning how we'll bring Gemini to its knees, I have other matters to attend to now."

"Very well sir," Lorman said as Jerekson turned and left the room. Lorman's smile grew wider, as he started making his plans.

Part 2

I really enjoyed this! And let me say - you've described the Empire pretty damn correctly, just the way we imagined them Smile

Just wait for the future parts, I've basically got the whole thing in my head, just trying to best think how to "put it on paper", and of course the story always evolves as I write it, which is good, a living story makes the best story.
Feel free to watch my beta testing streams, they're boring, but hey, beta testing excitement!!!! And remember, CLANNAD IS LIFE! Check out Rockleetist's debut original

Part Two
In Plain Sight

Captain Ryou stood on the bridge of her Freya Carrier, staring at the large viewscreen in front of her. Even though she couldn't see it, she new Shadow Fleet Admiral Brandt's modified Tzar was there, cloaked, just as her own ship was. She also could feel her twin, Captain Kyou in her Helios. They had gathered here in Aeathera, close to the Empire's border to discuss the latest intel. A shiver ran down Ryou's spine as sheet thought of how close they were to their foe.

Perhaps the strangest part of this trio of ships were their markings, Ryou's Freya bore the emblem of the Trinity Free States, Kyou's Helios the emblem of Hogosha, and Brandt's ship had the emblem of the Protectorate. To an outside observer, if one could see them, it would seem as if the Protectorate were helping in negotiating some dispute, but reality was much different. All three were part of another faction, the Gemini Leage.

Everyone believes that the League had crumbled after the first war, devolving into the Protectorate and a group of outlaws the hid out in Last Ditch. In truth though, while the League did start to fall apart, some of it's members were able to create a Shadow League, one that worked outside the system with it's captain's working for various other factions to keep up on the latest intel. Only one person outside of the newly named Shadow Gemini League knew of it's existence, the The leader of the Protectorate. It was his hands that guided his troops in tyring to thwart the empire.

On cue, two people beamed aboard Ryou's ship, Shadow Fleet Admiral Brant and her sister Captain Kyou. Neither one looked too happy, even if Brandt's perpetual smile was still on his face.. "Welcome aboard the Maiden of Mercy Admieral, Captain," Ryou greeted the others, nodding to each in turn.

"We'll have to skip the pleasantries today Captains, something big just came down the pipeline, and it's not good" Brandt said before Kyou could greet them. "The Empire is seeking peace with the Directorate, and that's not the worst of it."

"Wait, the Empire is seeking peace with someone?" Kyou asked astonished. "I thought their form of peace was at the end of a plasma gun." Before anything else could be said she walked over to her twin and they hugged. It'd been awhile since they last got to see each other.

"Apparently the Empire has fallen from grace and needs the help of their old allies," Brandt replied. "To top things off, the Catapult has had another set back, the Brotherhood raided the convoy carrying some of the key components and it'll take months to replace them."

Ryou shook her head, "That catapult is more trouble than it's worth if you ask me. It would also give too much power to nexus even after we've pushed the Empire out again."

Brandt gave Ryou a sideways glance. She wasn't usually so vocal with her criticisms, nut she'd always been clear on this new super weapon. "I'm not a big fan of it either, which is why we have plans to be rid of it after it's use." Frankly Brandt found the idea of Nexus with a super weapon to be more dangerous than the Empire itself. While the Nexans have never shown outward aggression to anyone, something about the planet warped them, mind and body. None of them looked human anymore, or sounded human.

Kyou looked up at Brandt, hiss 6 foot 7 inch figure standing well above her 5 foot 9 inch body, "So what are our order sir?" she asked plainly.

"I'm sure you both know that that Thaurian Alliance and the Korkyrans have finally come to blows." Brandt shook his head, "to think at one time they were the same people. Anyways, we need to end their war, Thauria need to bend kneed to Korkyra or we'll just find ourselves weaker when the Empire does strike out."

The twins looked at each other. It was obvious they were sharing some private thoughts. "Sir," Kyou started, "how can we do that? The Trinity Free States are busy skirmishing with Laguaria over asteroid claims and Hogosha has been clear on their stance into entering Thaurian confiict." She was right, neither side was likely to commit ships to such a scheme.

"Ryou, I'll need you to arbitrate a ceasefire between Trinity and Lagaurde. I know it won't be easy, but it has to be done." Brandt looked over at Kyou, "You're job is harder still. You have to convince the Hogoshan higher ups that if Thauria overcomes Korkyra, then they'll start spreading out like a plague, and Hogosha would be next on their hitlist." Brandt smiled sardonically, "I don't think Hogosha could expect help from the Baeldor Republic, their isolationism is beyond anything right now. Of course, that's my job, break the Baeldor Isolation, and it's going to be messy."

"Sir, if I may, I don't know what you could do to push Baeldor, they simply don't care anymore," Kyou said. "They seem to think if they ignore the Empire, then the Empire will ignore them."

"Actually, the republic is about to fall apart, that's why they've stayed in isolation," Brandt said. "They think isolating themselves will hold the Baronies together, but it's not going to work. They need an outside source to galvanize them, remind them that they, like us, are all part of Gemini. All this infighting is only making the Empire's job easier. The reason they haven't struck out yet is that they have no need to. We're bleeding ourselves dry, and the Protectorate is helpless to stop it."

"So now it's time for the Shadow League to step in." Kyou said matter of factly. "I'm guessing this is an any means necessary mission, for all of us."

Brandt lokked at them both, hating what he was going to have to say "Any means necessary, you know the rules, all backdoors are open, and misinformation is your ally. Do whatever it takes to complete your assignments, even if innocents have to get hurt." The last part made Brandt physically cringe. "If we don't stop our own wars and start focusing on the weakened Empire soon, we won't win another war. We were united once, no matter the cost, we have to be united again."

Ryou and Kyou understood perfectly, neither of them wanted these missions, but but the greater good has to be served. Lying, stealing, assassinating, that was how the Shadow League worked now, trying to make the right conditions for unity. Before the Starpoint reopened, it wasn't as bad, they had time, but now, things were getting dirty and bloody. "We understand sir," Ryou said, sadness in her eyes. Kyou showed no emotion, hiding whatever she felt behind an iron curtain.

You have your orders Captains, now I have to go back to playing lapdog for the Protectorate until I can complete my mission," Brandt said bringing his hand to a button on the cuff of his jacket. Moments later, he was beamed back to his carrier, which most likely was already moving out.

The twins looked at each other, relishing this short time they'd have together before they had to part again. "Watch your back sis," Kyou said finally, "these missions are going to cause alot of chaos."

"You too Kyou, remember, no matter how far apart we are, we can still sense eachother. So keep safe or I'll know if you've been letting your guard down."

With that, they hugged one last time and Kyou pressed the button on the cuff of her jacket, and like Brandt, was back aboard her own ship. Ryou could still feel something wrong, but she couldn't figure it out. "Helmsman, get us to Trinity, we have some 'negotiating' to do"


Part Three

Shadow Fleet Admiral Brandt sat in ready room, alone, contemplating on the lie he'd told his two most trusted captains. He wasn't going back to the Protectorate, he had to go straight into getting Baeldor out of Isolation. He looked at the pictures of his lost family on his desk, they were holograms that moved around as mother played with daughters. The internal conflicts had cost him so much, this war was far too personal for him, but he didn't care. The smile usually adorned his face was gone, replaced with worn look and something akin sadness and regret.

He knew what he had to do to break Baeldor's isolation, but it was gonna be dirty, alot of lives were going to be lost, and it was a gamble that could just makes all the events thus far happen faster. But he had no real choice, it was this, or Baeldor would stay locked away until the Baronies started real infighting instead of just political nonsense. He hit the comm panel on his desk, seconds later his first officer could be heard, "Sir?"

"How are the preparations coming along?" Brandt asked. He was antsy, he hated waiting, waiting just gave the enemy more time. "Any ETA on when Operation Double Check can start?" It was a weird name, but no one would ever guess what the operation was if the name sounded off the wall.

"We're almost ready sir, the Phoenix, Ripper, Jack's Surprise and Mario's Mischief have all arrived. We're just waiting on the Twin Suns to arrive then we can get started," Commander Branson answered. Those ship names, so ridiculous, but no less than his Brandt's own, the Surgeon.

Brandt nodded, a motion his first officer obviously couldn't see, but some human traits never went away. "Very good, once Twin Suns is here, we'll go over the plan one more time, we can't have any screw ups this time."

"Aye sir," Branson responded. "I'll notify once she's arrived."

"Thanks Branson, out," he cut the comm. The plan. He'd chosen these captains for this mission because of their ability to turn off their empathy. They had to sneak into Baeldor space, steal enough ships to make a small fleet, kill everyone on board those ships to leave no witnesses, and finally spread out their crews and attack the Empire in their newly obtained Baeldor fleet. It was simple in thought, but the execution was brutal, and riddled with holes.

The Empire has no idea how power full the Baeldor ships are, they've never seen them in action, but after an unprovoked attack on outlying Empire space, they'll get a view of what they're up against, and making up with the Directorate will take a back seat. Especially if the Empire thinks Baeldor is looking for a quick win. In the end, Baeldor will be forced into conflict, which should galvanize the Baronies, and with their military might, they can hold off the Empire while Ryou and Kyou got their jobs done.

If all went well, then the Thaurian Insurgency would be over, Hogosha will now see the threat the Empire poses and change its stance on Military intervention, and LaGarde and Trinity should form an alliance to stand against the Imperial threat. The outlaws won't care one way or the other, but they'll more likely help Gemini than the Empire, it's hard to be a criminal when the only sentence is death in a police state. As for the other factions, they've already thrown their lot in with the Protectorate, they know the stakes.

An Alliance based on lies and murder, how long will it hold? Brandt could only shake his head. After the Alliance pushed back the Empire once more, they'd have to get rid of Starpoint, luckily they the schematics for it, there wouldn't be another Starpoint Event. When deactivated properly, it'll simply power down slowly, the Empire scum simply cut the power last time causing that huge rift through space. Once it's deactivated, they'll use their engineers to change the trigger code, they'll be cut off from Sol for however long they wanted.

Whatever brought the Empire here, they'll be stuck with, and frankly, Brandt didn't care. Evil deserves whatever hell it's brought upon itself, and all he could think is the Empire is running, they found something, and fought back, and it's winning. Whatever it is, it can't come to Gemini, and the Empire can't be allowed to stay either. As for the Directorate, they can bend knee or die, the combined forces of Gemini are more than enough to wipe them from this system.

Brandt looked at the pictures again, he would stop this madness no matter what so others didn't end up like him. Gemini deserves lasting peace, not this constant bloodshed. The outlaw factions will be dealt with in time after all is said and done, but first, the cancer of the Empire had to excised.


I'm really enjoying these stories. But just like in all movies, Empire is always more cool to me. Hope imperials will get more stories too Smile

Just to see if we see imperials the same way...

Oh they will, just gotta keep to my structure I've set up, Also, this is one of those stories that skips a bit of action for more plot, I used to always write focusing on dialogue and action, but now I want to branch out, leave the action implied, and focus on the overall plot arch, then maybe in the future do side stories that contain the action that happened between plot moments.
Feel free to watch my beta testing streams, they're boring, but hey, beta testing excitement!!!! And remember, CLANNAD IS LIFE! Check out Rockleetist's debut original

Part 4

Double Edge

The war against the Directorate was going better than Jerekson could have hoped, Lorman's plan brought new defector's to their side every day, mostly those they had released from captivity. Then others showing up hearing the stories of the Empires might, and how they wanted peace with their former friends, not annihilation. Jerekson laughed as he sat in his chair in his ready room. Never had he thought being so kind would win a war so fast. A beep from the door brought him from him from his reverie. "Enter," he said simply, allowing the door to slide open, Lorman walked in, a look of something like fright on his face.

"Sir, we have news from Alpha District, Baeldor has launched an assault on our territory," Loman said nervously. "They've destroyed several mining and gas collecting stations as well as research centers. They even managed to over come the defenses of our stations and destroyed them."

Jerekson looked at his new Grand Strategist. Was this a flaw on his part? No, no it couldn't be, it was well known that Baeldor was falling apart and that they had isolated themselves to try and keep together. But it could easily have been a ploy all along. "Casualties?" Jerekson asked emotionless.

"At least 40000 dead sir, we've lost several Perun and Equinox class ships. No survivors so far." Lorman took a deep breath. "Their fleet was only a handful of ships sir and they decimated us, we destroyed one of their vessels, all onboard were of the Republic, this isn't a shadow plot as I would have dreamt up."

Jerekson stood and walked over to Lorman, "So they played us is what you're saying, they let us make the first move, and now all our forces are on the other side of our territory."

"Yes sir, I should have seen it coming, but-"

Jerekson cut him off, "It's not your fault Grand Strategist, I told you to prepare our war for the Directorate, no one thought a failing Republic would be a threat." Jerekson started to pace, he felt like another man who once fought a war on two fronts. "Your opinion, if we leave a handful of fleets here and send the rest to teach Baeldor a lesson, do think the ones we leave will win this conflict here?"

"Undoubtedly sir," Lorman replied. "Already the Directorate is losing taste for this conflict, it might take longer with most of our forces pulled back, but the Directorate aren't fools, they were once us you remember"

Jerekson nodded approvingly, "Good, send word that fleets Alpha through Sigma prepare to deploy to Alpha district, we will bring war to Baeldor and they'll learn not to mess with the Empire."

"As you say sir," With that, Lorman left.

Anger finally showed on Jerekson's face, how dare these inferior scum attack them!? They'll bathe in their own blood when he was done with them. He was worried though, if only a handful of ships could bring that much destruction, then what were they up against? They had no intel, no knowledge of their enemy. This was a dangerous game, but one he planned to win.


Brandt felt sick, what he had just done would cause millions of deaths, but it would slow the Empire enough to let the rest do their job. When the rest of Gemini sees the true Imperial way of war, they'll understand, the twins will have no problems with their missions now. But the blood on his hands would never wash off. He looked again at the animated holopictures, but even that could help him justify his actions.

They had brought one ship in under tow, with all the dead Baeldor crew still aboard, when they left, they made sure she was a hulking wreck, anyone who investigated would believe it was truly a Baeldor attack. Either they band together now, or the Imperial army will wipe them from existence. Already the Empire was moving it's forces towards the republic.


Captain Ryou watched the news in shocked horror as it came in, Imperial forces had invaded the Baeldor Repulic. She was in the middle of negotiations with Trinity and LaGarde when it happened. "Do you see now why we have to unite, this is the Empire, this is who we face!" She shouted at the two Planetary Ministers. "Your mineral and salvage rights mean nothing if you're dead!"

The Ministers were silent. The shock, the fear, the dread, it was all palpable. They knew that Baeldor had struck first, but as Ryou had said, it was preemptive, the Republic knows the horror they face. Planetary Minister Lucia of Trinity spoke first, "We can't allow this, the Empire will kill us all. Most of us know the stories of the first war with them, they are ruthless and evil to the core." She looked over ant Minister Armend, "I think we can call our issues settled Minister, we'll share the salvage belts and asteroids, and then send our forces to bring an end to the Thaurian insurgency"

Armend nodded his head, "Agreed, this threat is greater than anything. I once believed we were safe from the empire, after their initial expansion stopped. But only Baeldor saw the truth."[p]
[p]Ryou gave a sigh of relief, while all the deaths that were about to come were terrible, once Gemini was united, the Empire would be crushed.


Planetary Minister XinJing was difficult at the best of times, but today he was in no mood for one of Admirals wild ideas, "I said Admiral that we will NOT engage in the Thaurian insurgency, this is between them and Kor-" A sudden knock at the door. The Minister shouted, "ENTER!" His growing anger and frustration filling the room.

A small man entered, "M-minister, word has just arrived, the Empire is attacking Baeldor. They're using their old tactics now, no prisoner exchanges, no survivors."

Kyou went pale, this was too soon, way too soon.

The anger and frustration of the Minister was gone in a heartbeat, replaced by fear. "How long can the Repulic stand?"

Kyou answered before the aide, "They are the strongest of the original factions, if they come together, they can hold. But we need to come together with them and the others, or we're all going to fall. We HAVE to help Korkyra, Thauria must bend knee or they'll throw their lot in with the Empire, please Minister, we can't lose everything we've gained.

Minister XinJing nodded slowly, "Commit our forces to helping Korkyra, but keep a rearguard near our boarders with the republic. I ignored the Protectorate for too long. They were right, they've always been right about threats."

Kyou saluted the Minister, "I'll get started right away sir," and she ran out the door to start readying the armadas.


The final days were nearing, and none could tell, a single man smiled, everything according to plan.