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good piece of fiction. I appreciate it.
Once we get fleet control, that "armadas" part will get even more meaning.

Part 5

The Coming

Months have passed since the Empire struck back at Baeldor. The onslaught was swift, fierce and brutal. The rest of Gemini banded together, and have prepared for their assault upon the Imperial Forces. But something was wrong, terribly terribly wrong.


Admiral Jerekson paced across the bridge of his command ship, it was all going wrong. The Republic of Baeldor, even against the onslaught not only survived, but were now taking Imperial territory. Half of Alpha District was already under their control. And now, the rest of the system was poised, ready to attack on all fronts. The Directorate had finally joined them, but it wouldn't be enough. "These damnable fools, don't they realize what's at stake here?" he said through gritted teeth. He prepared to give an order he never thought he'd have to give, "Contact the Starpoint, tell them to start initiating safe shutdown procedures. Even if we lose this war humanity must live on." The message was sent immediately. These damned fools, all they had to do was bend knee, all the had to do was live under Imperial rule, and that was it, but no, they fought, and they'd grown stronger.

"Sir, priority message from the Starpoint, shutdown commencing, it will take one week for the process to finish," one Jerekson's lieutenants reported back. He only hoped there was enough time.


It was almost time, Brandt thought. Soon they'd be rid of the Empire once and for all, and now with Gemini united as one, peace will finally reign. His comm beeped, he sat down at his desk and answered it.

"Sir, the Imperials have begun shouting down Starpoint, a safe shutdown from the reading our long range scanners can get," Captain Kyou said, it was good to hear from her. "Something is wrong sir, something isn't right, we've known this for months, what's going on?"

Brandt stared at the image of his captain, "You're right, the Empire is weak, too weak." The thought struck him, "Dear God, they didn't come here to reclaim Gemini, they were running, running from something they couldn't beat!" His heart started pounding, what could turn the once powerful Empire into what they saw now? A civil war maybe?

The comm beeped again, it was Ryou, "Sir, deep space scanners from Hogosha have picked up something," she said, nervous. "Hundreds of thousands of unidentified ships, they look nothing like anything we've ever seen, and they're approaching fast.

Brandt broke out into a sweat, that was more ships than all of Gemini combined. "How long?" he asked.

"A month at most, they're using some kind of drive technology, something we've never seen," Ryou responded. "Sir, what's going on?


Jerekson called Lorman into the ready room, if anyone could figure out how to salvage this it was him. Lorman was taking his time though, it wasn't like him. Finally, the beep of the door came, and Lorman entered. "You know what's at stake here Lorman, how can we win?"

Lorman smiled, his features twisting, "Win? Whoever said I wanted youto win?" He started to laugh, which sounded more like a racking cough. "You've played your part well Admiral, you and Jerekson both. But now, it's finally time to end this."

Jerekson pulled out his pistol and fired several blasts of searing plasma into Lorman, but still stood, his uniform burned, but his skin merely glowing. Then he began to change. "How, how did you get here, HOW DAMNIT!?"

Lorman's body started to take the shape of a large scorpion, the transformation was exquisitely painful for him. The Arachnos thrived on pain. He torso lengthened until he could no longer stand as his 2 legs became more spindly, but covered in a shell stronger than any metal known to man. Six more legs grew from his body to keep him standing. A long tail with a foot long barb formed at his back end, the stinger, capable of breaking through most armors and metals. His two arms remained but beneath them grew two more, with enormous claws at their end. Finally, his head melded down into his neck, completing the transformation, multiple eyes surrounding the area that was now his face and mandibles jutting forth. "Humans" it said, it's voice grating and painful to hear, "so little do you know. Did you think we'd let you get away so easy? And now you bring us to more cattle, We will feed on you for centuries to come."

The Arachnos, the first alien species found by mankind, A species whose only goal was to conquer and feed and thrive on the pain they inflicted. Jerekson shook with fear. "It's too late scum, we're closing the Starpoint, your armadas will never find this place!"

The Arachnos laughed again, the sound bringing Jerekson to his knees, "You are so foolish human. Did you think we couldn't track you through the stars? Already our armadas approach, Gemini will fall, and with the help of the League and the Empire, it'll fall so much faster. You've weakened each other so much for us. I delighted in every second of it" Before Jerekson could respond, the Arachnos removed his head with one clip of his claw. "So many delicious cattle now waiting for us, but my job is done." The creature started cutting into the wall of the room with his claws, finding the main power conduit, with a smile he cut it, and the ship began to die. Before long, it exploded, but not before one last message was sent, a message recorded long ago.


As Brandt finished his briefing with his captains, a third beep came from the comm. Brandt answered it, and saw Jerekson, the man he was sworn to defeat. "Wha- HOW, HOW DID YOU FIND ME YOU SON OF A BITCH!" The image didn't answer, at least, not how Brandt expected.

Shadow Fleet Admiral, yes, I know of you, but that isn't the point of this message. If you are hearing this, I am dead, and Gemini will soon follow. Around 45 years ago, we encountered a new alien species, the Archnos. They set about turning humans into their slaves right after, they view us as food and toys for play, nothing more. If you are getting this message, it's a warning, no matter our differences, humanity must live. I don't know how I died, I will never know, perhaps you killed me finally. But know this, the Starpoint MUST be shutdown and destroyed, the Arachnos cannot come to Gemini or humanity is lost. If it is too late to stop them, then you have one recourse, begin an exodus, spread humanity out. Leave Gemini and leave no trace of where you went. We tried and failed to defeat them. They are immune to almost all of our weapons. Their ships use weapons we cannot comprehend. In this message is a database of all we learned. Use it, survive." The message ended.

Silence filled the room. Finally, Brandt spoke up, "Ryou, Kyou, get to Sora, they've been building new colony ships for expansion. Collect as many people as you can and set course for far away from from here. Several other captains from the League will follow suit, you'll all go somewhere different, and take enough people to restart human civilization. The rest of Gemini will do what it can to hold off this new threat so they can't follow you." He sent both an encoded message. "When you arrive, listen to that message, you'll be in cryo-stasis for the entire journey. The Soran colony ship AI will find you a world."

Kyou spoke up first, "We can't just run and leave you, we've finally united and now we're breaking apart again!"

Ryou remained silent, sadness in her face. Brandt spoke again, "This is NOT up for debate. The Colony ships also have all the materials needed to make linked Starpoints, each linked with others in the network. The Gemini Starpoint is not on the network. The Arachnos will never find you and once your arrive, you will still be together."

Kyou looked ready to argue, but knew there was no point, Her, her sister and the other chosen would survive. But she vowed to herself that the Arachnos would be eliminate from existence. Ryou simply nodded, she knew her orders, and would carry them out.

Brandt nodded, "Good, now get going," he cut the transmission, and started the process of picking his most trusted captains to do the same. He then contacted Sora, who after hearing the threat, agreed to give use of their ships to the League. He then opened a priority comm to the United Gemini Front.

"This is Shadow Fleet Admiral Brandt, of the Gemini League. The Empire is no more, but an even greater enemy is on our doorstep. Right now my finest captains are preparing an exodus, but only so many can go, the rest of us must fight and make sure they get away. Our new foe are the Arachnos, a vicious alien race. They approach from Hogoshan territory, and that is where we'll hold them. I will not lie to you, winning is not an option, their ships outnumber us by tens of thousands, and they are the reason the Empire returned. We fight so that those who leave can keep our species alive. All ships, begin gathering at Hogosha, we can't win, but we can hold them off, we HAVE to hold them off." He cut the channel. It would take awhile, but they would all come, He looked one more time at the holopics on his desk. All he did was for them, he wouldn't fail now."


greatest enemy... I want to know.

So how expected was that? I left clues, but I want to know how subtle they were
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I for one, did not expect it :9

Perfect Big Grin The clue if you want to know:


Lorman is an anagram for Normal, not much of a clue, but something a giant scorpion might think up

Feel free to watch my beta testing streams, they're boring, but hey, beta testing excitement!!!! And remember, CLANNAD IS LIFE! Check out Rockleetist's debut original

Sorry for the delay on the next part, it's a tough decision, I can either write 2 more parts, or combine them. Either way the readers miss nothing, and it plays out the same, I just don't know if I want to write them separate or combine them. Both have their pros and cons and it's driving me insane xD
Feel free to watch my beta testing streams, they're boring, but hey, beta testing excitement!!!! And remember, CLANNAD IS LIFE! Check out Rockleetist's debut original

Okay, I've decided, it'll be one big part, won't say more than that, give me awhile to construct it in my head. Then "put it to paper". I hope all will enjoy it Smile
Feel free to watch my beta testing streams, they're boring, but hey, beta testing excitement!!!! And remember, CLANNAD IS LIFE! Check out Rockleetist's debut original

good to know. no need to write chips.



Brandt watched them go, the last hope of humanity. Of course he was on the other side of Gemini watching through a remote satellite. At least a dozen Soran Colony ships carrying over One million colonists with all the supplies they needed. The colonists "slept" in temporal stasis chambers, no time would pass for them during their journey. The intelligence of the Sorans was amazing, all the ships carried with them a quantum tied beacon, ensuring that they would all awake at the same time, these quantum beacons were also hidden around Gemini, so the colonists would know what was happening when they came out of stasis. Brandt shook his head, now was not the time for reminiscing. Before him were enough Arachnos ships to take down more than one Empire, whether man or not.

"Okay crew, we know what we have to do, delay these scum long enough so they can't track the colonists. This is our final hope, our last stand," Brandt said to his bridge. They knew it was suicide, but it was calculated. After a first engagement the fleets would separate, and slow the Arachnos advance. Guerrilla warfare, tactic not used in a long time, especially in space. Well, not entirely true, but it was rarely effective. "Open the General Comm Ensign."

On screen were the faces of the Military Leaders of factions that just weeks ago were ready to kill each other. "We all know the stakes here, I'm not going to paint a pretty picture," Brandt started. "This enemy has crushed the Empire already, and now they come here to finish humanity, but we won't let them. Once the package is out of reach, we break, go to your positions, and we'll give these bastards the fight of a lifetime." Brandt looked at the new Imperial Grand Admiral, "I never knew what you faced on the other side, why didn't you just say?"

The Grand Admiral looked at him, "Intelligence is key to victory, we thought to use them as a weapon." The guilt was in his eyes. No apologies, but guilt would be enough.

"Seems the package will be gone before they get here, we got ready in time. Just hold them off here for awhile. We long ago stopped believing in any one God, but I pray now that our last gambit succeeds." With that, he cut the channel. Everyone had their instructions. Everyone knew what was to come, and salvation was over a thousand years away, they would be all be dead long before humanity could comeback for their lost brethren. Brandt stared at the enemy, and remembered the message he gave the twins. It would have to be enough. "Red Alert, prepare for engagement, we're going in first and showing those bastards we don't wait for death!" Brandt knew he would die today as did his crew, but that didn't matter, not anymore. Now only time can tell if they were successful.

2000 Years Later

Ryou stepped out of her stasis chamber, the experience was unnerving, but beat the old Cryostasis chambers. All the ships must be at their destinations then. "Computer, Fleet Admiral Ryou, authorize Beta Seven Omega One Alpha Beta."

"Fleet Ryou recognized," the computer chimed back. "Current sitrep, one ship lost en-route to destination, Colony ship number 4, Fleet Admiral Erickson was command. Other ships are coming online now. Receiving acknowledgment now, all other ships safe and ready."

In her hand, Ryou held a small capsule, the message sent to her by Brandt, she rushed to the nearest console and put it in, Brandt's smiling face greeted her, a much younger Brandt than she remembered.

"Hello daughter," the first words, Ryou gasped, she could feel her sister do the same where ever she was. "I'm sorry I never told you two who I was. But to do the things I did I couldn't have any direct connections to my family. Your mother died in the early days of the Empire's return, you survived and I sent you two to a trusted friend who would keep the secret."

"You can tell, I'm sure this is an old recording, I don't know what brought about you getting this, but I know I must be dead. After this message will be another, from the me you most likely remember, the one you used to know. I wish I had time for more, I want to tell you girls so much, but in this message are old holographs. With that, I'll let my older self take over."

"Hi again Ryou, Ryou Brandt, I'm so sorry I couldn't tell you," said the older Brandt. "I recorded this in haste, but I hope there's enough here to help you. First, I am proud of you both, I never imagined you'd become part of the League, it was a blessing for sure, but that's not important, not now. The Arachnos have a weakness, they do not learn on their own, they scavenge. They use technology they find to make them stronger. By the time you hear this Gemini and Sol are both under their control, but they will not find you. Use this time, we've left quantum beacons around Gemini, gathering intel on the Arachnos, use that intel and return, free those who remain and push the Arachnos back to the hole they came out of. I have to go now, preparations need to be made. You are now leader of whatever group you are in, lead them well my beloved daughter."

Ryou sank to her knees, unable to control herself. She found her father, her real father only to lose him before she knew. She could Kyou do the same. She let herself cry it out, then got to business. There were too many people counting on her now, and she had things to do. The first was building the Starpoint. Ryou swiftly took command, and got everything underway, it would be a long time before any vengeance could come, but the Arachnos would pay for every life they too, human or not.

5000 years later

Fleet Admirals Ryou Brandt and Kyou Brandt stood aboard their ship, a titanic ship the size of a small moon. While they were separated by over a thousand generation, the two appeared as twin like as their fore bearers. The Brandt name was now legend and stuck no matter what. They looked upon Gemini, the Arachnos were clueless. A whole new armada, a whole new style of ships designed solely to destroy them. The quantum beacons gave them alot of information. New weapons were developed that would melt their shields and hulls alike. New cloaking methods to get around any sensors. The ingenuity of the combined humanity was limitless. The jump back to Gemini was all of ten seconds.[/p]

The two fleet admirals turned to their 10 counter parts, Fleet Admirals from the other colonied. "The plan is ready, Strike group Alpha will go through the Starpoint to Sol and create a beachhead. The rest of us will push them to the starpoint and force them through. After that, we head through, and push them out of Sol, and tag enough ships to find all the holes they hide in." Kyou gave the orders, Ryou as always preferred to be quiet. "When we corner them in their homeworld, we put up the stasis field, remember, extinction is NOT an option, as much as we may feel they deserve it.

The other Admirals all nodded. It had been a long plan in the making. New teaching forbade the complete extinction of any species. Humans had learned from their own old wars that nothing was to be gained through such crude methods. "Commence Operation Destiny"

With that, the fleets moved into position. Spreading unseen across the whole of Gemini. Human life was still here, and they would free them. Hopefully they weren't beyond salvation.

The battle for Gemini took less than a week, the Archnos fleeing before the might of their once prey. As they rushed through Starpoint they were met by more humans who did their job nicely, tagging ships and letting them flee. The human armada came through the Starpoint, and the liberation of Sol began. It was no contest, the Arachnos fled to their other worlds, hoping to save themselves from the vengeance of humanity.

The Arachnos lost system after system as the humans tracked them through the galaxy. They had taken many planets and many species. But now they were running. Running for home. The humans would follow, relentless. After 100 years of hide and seek, the end had come for the Arachnos.

The Arachnos homeworld, as ugly as the creatures themselves. Human engineers set up the stasis field, the bugs too scared to even stop them. After a week, it was activate, the Arachnos were frozen forever in time. A reminder of the past, of what happens when you look at yourself as the enemy and forget about what else is out there.

Humans began to spread after that meeting new species, creating what they hoped would be an everlasting federation. Many of those they met were much more enlightened than humanity, and were deferred to for many decisions. Some were violent and received the Arachnos treatment. As for Gemini and Sol, it was a long time before the tormented humans there could be brought back from the brink. The Brandt line would continue on for generations to come, watching over the Arachnos stasis field, a task they took with honor and pride. A united Galaxy, one who stared out more than in. But sometimes, you mustn't forget the darkness that can hide."