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Faction relations

First of all thanks for this great game but something is strange in factions relationship

I am trying to become good with Empire, Directorate, Nyxian consortium or thaurian alliance.

First i tried to be good with Empire by attacking Nexus ships in their system as i seen Nexus are shooting at them but my reputation with Empire hasn't changed so i tried to attack directorate ships but also nothing changed to my standings with Empire.

Is my problem that i already have maximum negative standing with Empire so that i can't fix it anymore? My standing with them is -2500

Can we get some more info how to be good with those mentioned factions, which faction do we need to attack to become good with them ?

To become pirate is easy , just ruin your reputation.

There are some factions that will not make friends with anyone. When you look at your reputation, you will see all the factions listed at the left side of the panel. Those factions that have a completely red bar (from -2500 to +2500) are not going to make friends with you no matter what you do. I think you have found and tested several of those factions.

Since they won't make friends, I like to accept maintenance missions from them (which lowers my rep a little); then I go repair their structures. But, I stay a little longer and either hack or board that same structure for personal gain. Then I cloak and sneak away laughing.... -
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Indeed, few factions will have locked reputations (empire, directorate, nyx), but greater issue is that your reputation is linked to everyone else, but to their own internal relations too. You cannot befriend two factions that are at war with each other. Their own standings will impact yours as well.

I played through to the end with no thought what so ever given to Reputation. I don't even see a reason to be concerned with it...What is it even a part of the game for???
(The End Game, I also felt Let Down) (FL, at least you got to Jump to the Alien Home World and set them back, that idea was not dome here, just Shoot the last ship, then Uhmmm??)

I think they are still working on the reputation system.
I purchased the game on Steam, so my game is up to date Smile

Thanks Thanos. (In another game, You could adjust Rep Up or Down to allow you to be able to Dock at every Base in the Star systems of the entire map.) Maybe something like that could be worked here?

If you want all the factions to be avaiable ally i'm working on a mod that set a realistic value (at my best possible based on some lore) of reputation required to ally to the brotherhood etc...(you only need to modify the faction.wtd with excel in SG2/base/ folder, you can do it yourself or PM me so I will let you know when the mod is ready)

Ahoi! Playing the game a few days now. Having leisure time - so played very excessive cause the game is awesome! :)

Only this relation-reputation-faction-thing is somehow frustrating so far... I tried to make friends with the outlaw factions. Pirates, anarchists and all this noble romantic idealists :) But somehow it looks like I have to be friend with such unappealing factions as empire or directorate to achieve this goal...? Is there really only this 'good-bad' thing? This would make me very very sad... ;)

Besides I don't even manage to get a outlaw :D Acting like a wild boar (stealing everything, smuggling, killing innocents... :|) and I try always to run from red mates to avoid positive reputation... but unsiverse says it's ok!

Sooo... did I miss something? Still working on this? Everyone else thinks that it is awesome as is? Need suggestions? (Make two axes! e.g. somewhat like the political compass).

I managed to drop my reputation from +2500 to -2500 quite easily, but you need to choose your actions carefully.

The fastest way to drastically drop your reputation is to smuggle a planet :
- you need a lot of money. Because the goal here is to get catched when you try to smuggle the planet. You'll loose reputation, but have to pay fees as well.
- choose a big ship if you want to do so. The bigger it is, the best chance you have to fail your smuggling.
- remove any "smuggling" bonus you may have in your skills/perks whatever, or with your onboard Officers.
When you reach a cap you are not friend with the owner of the planet anymore, you can't land on it anymore. Find another one, or switch to plan B :
- open your starmap and check all the available missions around you. You'll see some with negative reputation if you succeed them.
- When your reputation is under 0, you'll get more and more "negative reputation" mission. But be carefull, sometime a "positive" one will pop up.
- when doing so, shoot on sight any "good faction" ships you accounter. Gemini Portectorate, Trinity Free State... whatever.
- As soon as you are friend with a bad faction, find a spot near one of their station (the Reaper near Red Mist sector is a good one Wink ), fly to a "good" station and shot everything.
You should drop to -2000 reputation quite easily.
Then, you can fly to all the bad faction stations, and purchase new licences. Head to Tortura Bay in Scylla sector when you can. Smile

When you are fed up raping innocents, and if you want to come back to the bright side, that's how i did it :
There are factions you'll never be friend with : The Ghosts and Shards (and Brotherhood but they don't have any station in the system, do they ?). Find a good spot near one of their stations, and invade them.
And of course, take any mission with positive reputation.

Have fun, space cowboy !
I purchased the game on Steam, so my game is up to date Smile

(03-28-2015, 10:52 AM)Thanos Wrote: I managed to drop my reputation from +2500 to -2500 quite easily, but you need to choose your actions carefully.

The fastest way to drastically drop your reputation is to smuggle a planet :


Yeah, I did this too but always got some positive reputation from somewhere... But your kind advice gave me the idea to exploit this. Thank you, Thanos! Exploited this in a new game with starting and landing from a planet... hrm... a few hundred times I think :D
No money needed, cause it never drops below zero. So I cheated me to -220 reputation, where I thought I could live a dubious life as a smuggler for the begining. Never wanted to be this kill-o-mat...

But my first fear came true. Pirates, anarchists & co. don't like me shooting e.g. brootherhood ships or others from the 'bad side' so it's in many situations quite annoying. There is no 'chaotic-neutral' alignement - only chaotic-evil and lawful-good ;)

It's a pity.