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Top Places to Visit?

Definitely ClearWater station, near New Delhi - head South and a bit East from Trinity, and the station sells you an All-Access card to the Transport Gates, forever free.

This allows rapid access across the whole map, and is terrific for traders.

Definitely Rotterdam Naval Yards, directly South of Trinity and NNW from Korkyra. It boasts a good ship selection for sale

Where else would you put on the top places to visit?

The area around planet Korkrya you get some nice ships spawns Pegasus, Cyclops, Ronin, hydra and Medusa all spawn in this area good ships for capturing to be used or sold also get a lot of taxi, vip and smuggle missions that yield nice cash income.

East of the plant is Mendoza Foodstuffs HQ which is in enemy space but is a friendly station with positive reputation and host a nice unlimited enemy spawn loop for grinding exp and blueprint drops Wink
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Planet Pyros because it just looks awesome.

I always get into some good scraps around Laguardia.

For shopping/trading, I like the area around Planet Baeldor because of the different factions in the area means there's some variety. It's also closer to Tortuga. Wink
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If playing in the campaign and then wanting to go pirate, I'd suggest going to Mendoza Foodstuffs HQ, halfway between New Delhi and Planet Thauria, slightly on the western side of the T-Gate lane in the starchart. Lots of easy to kill Thaurian Alliance ship spawns and your reputation will go down quite fast for every killed ship.(Not sure if this is intentional.) Add on top of that, fast enemy spawns and it's a great location for experience/level, blueprint and money farming, should you happen to cap a ship every now and then.

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Just adding a couple good stations:

Ruhr station in the Union area has mining supplies/Freighter selection.
Planet Hogosha has a good selection of weapons & Fighter "planes" including Bomber squadrons.
Spire Station near Hogosha gate has a huge selection of documents.

Spoiler alert:

The Spire station.
It sells EVERY licence in game. Just OP.

And if you feel "pirateish" or just brave enough, Tortuga. I've a soft spot for bases inside asteroids Wink
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Nokta has it downpat. Tortuga is the place for me - My favorite place in game Smile

Adding some more points of interest:

Sentchuk Barony Gate is next to Reyen Freeport, in Baeldor Space. It boasts a full selection of Baeldor's ships from the Squire gunship to the Tsar Carrier.

As a tourist spot, check out the Lens near Clearwater station... Mysterious thingie.

Not as mysterious after the storyline. Wink

On that note. The view on Planet Nyx isn't bad.
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Exploring near Baeldor Planet...

The pic is a bit too big to post in full, but I managed to land on an anomalous object near Planet Baeldor...