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Besides dr. Thomas Scott, Ridley is greatest scientific mind in Gemini. She is the daughter of Amy and Michael Ridley, famous freelance explorers that first reached outer Gemini sectors and constructed early versions of phasal shields that allowed them to navigate dense and plasma charged nebulas. Elenor was born on Earth in New Boston, but spent most of her young age onboard her parents ship „Galapagos“, travelling all around Gemini system. After her parents died, Elenor pursued her incredible desire for knowledge. She studied at the most advanced Nexus Academies and received numerous commendations from Scientificum High Council.

Following up on her education, Elenor continued to work for Nexus on various projects, but her main focus was transferred to newly developed stasis technology, a technology born from disaster during Starpoint incident at the end of the first Gemini war. Soon, Ridley became the leader in all stasis research, probably due to her free and unbind spirit. She accepts no restrictions, and always goes one step ahead in her work. In the end, it was her character that broke the bonds she had with Nexus. High Council believed she is too impatient and radical in her actions. Also, they weren't ready to forget her direct involvement in the second Gemini war when she joined Gemini League struggle. When the war ended, Ridley definitely went separate ways with Nexus. Their increased radicalization and isolation under Thomas Scott wasn't in line with Ridley's desires. So, she gathered her crew onboard „Archimedes“ and became a freelance traveler and scientist seeking her future in Gemini alone, just like her parents did years ago...

Nice gadgets. Is this iWatch on her hand? Version from 24st century?

I want Tia Camire lore. Smile
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If we put her lore public, we might have a problem with "security" agencies Smile

what about a pirate king lore n.n

(10-14-2013, 03:57 PM)MarioMihokovic Wrote: ]Ridley is greatest scientific mind in Gemini.

And an hot one too. Blush
When in doubt... BLAST IT!

There is another special lady in our game - commander Tia Camire from Sanctuary security force. And few days ago she was a special "guest" in editorial of a certain magazine. Her appearance was...notable Smile
We have to few female characters, but at least they are special ones Smile

Well, I liked her appearance in a certain... magazine... but I would like to know more about her in the future. Smile I'm willing to take a risk.

Hehe, kidding, I will learn something about her during the full game storyline I hope. Smile
[Image: 12020.png]

is the surname chosen accordingly to the famous Alien movie? Big Grin

(01-30-2014, 12:00 PM)Dark_Ansem Wrote: is the surname chosen accordingly to the famous Alien movie? Big Grin

Actually it really isn't. Similarity is completely accidental, and we did thought later if we should have named her different. But it is too late now anyways...