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Gemini system history

Love these stories because they give me a sense of real living starsystem. But, I'm having problems placing events to perspective. Would it be possible to create some kind of timeline? Like a short overview of most important events from imperial history and colonization of Gemini?

I understand the problem. Reading about different events, not closely connected can cause confusion. Ok, I'll go through entire storyline of SPG1 and SPG2 and create a quick timeline. Ofc, with less emphasis on SPG2 so we don't spoil the storyline

Yeah, I'd love that too!
I'm actually NOT reading things on purpose to avoid spoilers and keeps the magic for the first gameplay.
Fool's desire?
Probably Big Grin
But i'll try anyway Wink
When in doubt... BLAST IT!

+1 for the info as a timeline as well Smile

Thanks Mario