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Short history of modern Earth Empire:

2030. First human expedition arrives on planet Mars and establishes several permanent outposts

2040. The construction of first Marsian city and a planetary shipyard

2050. Colonization from both Earth and Mars spreads further to solar planets

2065. Horrible tragedy on Earth during testing of advanced new ship propulsion for extrasolar travels. Main governments and corporations evacuate to Mars

2072. Colonial Alliance is founded and includes all colonized solar planets

2091. Colonial Alliance returns to Earth and begins war against remaining population in order to establish its new social structure

2102. War on Earth ends, new Earth Alliance is founded and includes planet Earth and six solar colonies

2137. The construction of the first Starpoint, gateway to Sirius system

2140. First scientific and military vessels enter Sirius system. New colonization begins

2183. Colonized planets in Sirius system begin open revolt against Earth Alliance. State of emergency is declared

2184. Earth Alliance crushes the Sirius rebellion. First Colonial Directorate is established in Sirius to maintain order

2185. Foundation of Earth Empire, all emergency jurisdiction is permanently in the hands of High Governor and his Council

2189. Colonization of Orion system begins, second Colonial Directorate introduced

2192. Science vessel „Nostromo“ investigates newly discovered wormhole and reaches Gemini system, very unusual and unstable system with large number of habitable planets

2197. Starpoint Gemini constructed, colonization begins rapidly, third Colonial Directorate founded

2210. Empire begins the Orion Project, the creation of enhanced humans based on uncovered alien technology

2270. First uprising erupts in now very populated and wealthy Gemini system

2271. Enhanced human clones in Orion begin open rebellion. Imperial Command attempts to shut down the project

2273. Colonial Directorate in Gemini defeated, Starpoint incident closes the Starpoint and Gemini remains separated from the Empire

2274. Empire marks the first contact with presumably extinct alien species in Orion. Aliens help human clones in rebellion

2279. Imperial forces are driven out of Orion system. Project Eulogy begins with great haste.

2280. First two Leviathans cross to Orion system, both destroyed after heavy battles

2290. Human hybrid clones with support of aliens invade Imperial mainspace

2295. Empire is losing grip on mainspace. Desperate measures are taken. Two Leviathans travel to Sirius system but are lost without a trace. Stretched imperial armada abandones search

2296. Starpoint Gemini is reopened, second war in Gemini ends. Empire suddenly commands full withdrawl of all remaining forces to Gemini system, including remaining Leviathans. Earth solar system is no longer the foothold of humanity.

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Thanks Mario!

Every tid-bit of lore is just making me impatient for even more =D

Massive love to all of you for creating not only a game, a universe and a few core characters, But for backing it up with a rich and beautiful history.

Kind Regards,
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(09-10-2013, 07:27 PM)MarioMihokovic Wrote: Phlintlock, I'm gonna name my firstborn after you Smile

Loving the lore, Makes it more reality than a game Smile


I easily can imagine this expanded to a series of books. Very well thought and reasoned time line and lore.

Thank you! I always wanted to have time to write entire books on every single step and event... still hope there will be opportunity Smile

If there are books, I'll be buying every single one, I need more to read!
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I also noticed some of you guys, have a good talent in writing... I'm quite positive you'd do some things better than me Smile

can you specify on the timeline when the events of Starpoint Gemini 1 happened and when the events of starpoint gemini 2 happened and any expansions as well?

Starpoint Gemini 1 takes place in time between 2293-2296 , all other events will be updated on timeline. Thanks for notification!