Starpoint Gemini 2

Starpoint Gemini 2


Starpoint Gemini II

Starpoint Gemini II is an action space-sim combined with diverse RPG elements. Control various space ships, ranging from small and agile gunships to lumbering, but deadly carriers. Explore, trade, research and fight in a star system no longer hindered by loading points. The entire Gemini star system is now one giant area thanks to the implemented streaming technology. Gain experience and upgrade your skills to change the tide of even the fiercest space battles.

Starpoint Gemini I

As a prelude to the latest events in Gemini, Starpoint Gemini I takes players on an epic journey to unravel the mysteries and plots surrounding the Starpoint, entry point into the Gemini star system, as the entire system is plunged into the chaos of war.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.