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Starpoint Gemini

Starpoint Gemini is an RPG tactical sim focused on the control and strengths of individual vessels. In SPG ship captains and their skills make the greatest difference in large-scale battles. The games is set in a science-fiction universe where various thriving technological directions exist side by side.

Players will freely traverse the rich and filled vastness of the Gemini star system, fight skirmishes with rogue ships, trade commodities, research anomalies, buy new vessels, upgrade their ships with state-of-the-art technology, increase their experience and rank to learn more powerful maneuvers and ultimately use all that in large scale engagements against other fleets of hostile ships.

Gemini is a dangerous place with riches waiting to be claimed by the more daring and capable captains.

Second opinion

"Starpoint Gemini features a nice combination of tactical combat and extensive role-playing features that support a wide variety of overall strategy. You can truly undertake any of the game’s possible career paths, like trade, repair, piracy, research, salvaging, mining, or a mixture. While most games of the space adventure ilk offer the same possibilities, Starpoint Gemini takes things a step further by offering thirty-eight skills and eighteen perks earned through experience (and officers you can hire for additional skills), along with twenty-one special abilities spread across fifty ships. This amount of variety is fantastic, allowing you to forge any path of your liking."

Portion of review made by James Allen from OutOfEight awarding Starpoint Gemini a 7/8

Boxed version


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